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We offer competitive pricing on all your service needs.

Condos and Townhouses


Up to 2,000 square feet

Single Family Homes


Up to 2,000 square feet

Single Family Homes


2,000-3,000 sq. ft.

Large Homes


Large or multi-unit

Limited Inspection





Price varies on size

Chemical treatments

Price varies on size and treatment

Why First Choice Pest Control

Father and Son local business offering quality service since 1989. We deliver professional service with a friendly, helpful and positive attitude. We treat every customer like our own family while offering competitive pricing.

First Choice Termite Control has been in business since 1989. We are family owned and operated and share the same concerns you have about a clean and safe pest free environment. First Choice Termite Control services the Santa Clara County and Santa Cruz County. Call today to schedule an inspection.

Our business hours


9:30am - 4pm


9:30am - 4pm


9:30am - 4pm


9:30am - 4pm


9:30am - 4pm

First Choice Termite Control delivers quality professional service.
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